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Cutting Edge Metal Works is a business owned by Nate Summers. For Nate, what began as a childhood hobby has grown into a life-long pursuit of excellence in the art of the forged blade. Nate founded his company on his knives, on his consummate professionalism and his customer service. Through Cutting Edge Metalworks, Nate seeks to bring to the customer everything that is wonderful about a handmade blade: Excellent performance, function complimented by beauty, and a level of personalization akin to “the family heirloom”. Although Bladesmithing has been Nate’s main focus, working metal by forging is a dynamic skill encompassing many disciplines and has many applications, and it is flourishing in today’s culture as a “lost art”. Other services provided by Nate include producing metal hardware, metal art, as well as instruction in bladesmithing. Cutting edge Metalworks intends to be on the frontier of the fast and ever changing world of metal and technology, both old and new.

Nate Summers

Forged In Fire Champion

Nate Summers began bladesmithing at the age of ten after a simple experience sharpening junk steel with a file. Discovering a passion for bladesmithing, Nate viewed the art as a “master craft”. Nate started on the journey into the medium of steel and has continued for over 22 years. Within that time, He has received mentorships, taken classes from the American Bladesmith Society, passed the HEPK performance test and earned a mastersmith rating within that association, exhibited at five national blade shows, and competed on the History Channel show ‘Forged in Fire’ to win the title Forged in Fire Champion. In 2017, Nate started his own business ‘Cutting Edge Metalworks’ with the aim at achieving his lifelong goal of becoming a full time bladesmith. Nate continues to make blades of every variety, logging thousands of hours, performing extensive testing, and spending thousands of dollars doing so.